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Friday, April 28, 2006

Kick-Off 3.1

Saturday May 13th, 5:30. Drop me an email to sign up.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Tour I ~ Stop V Results

1. Mark - 160
2. Jamie - 100 + 57
3. Shayla - 60
4. Andy B. - 40

Jamie took the 57 point assassin reward bringing him only 3 points from Mark's victory.

The first tours results are in and Ben has hung on to the top spot. Bragging rights are yours! 2361 points were rewarded over the 5 tour stops, congrats to everybody who participated. Here are the results of everybody who entered at least 2 tourney's, in parenthesis is the number of tourneys:

1. Ben D. 470 (2)
2. Dan H. 320 (5)
3. Mark 250 (2)
4. Tim D. 160 (5)
5. Jamie 157 (2)
6. Chris 120 (4)
7. Dawn 98 (2)
8. Shayla H. 60 (4)
9. Scott H. 50 (2)
10. Andy B. 40 (2)
10. Jamie S. 25 (4)

Saturday, December 03, 2005

December 3rd - Tour I ~ Stop V

Hope it goes swell... it'll be at Dan's house. Results to follow shortly...


I'm getting real sick of getting spammed..., my 3 readers already have chips and don't want to buy any more. So I'm going to be disabling the comments soon. I already changed the settings and they seemed to slow down, if they continue then their gone.

Friday, November 18, 2005

Tour I ~ Stop V

December 3rd at Dan's house we will be wrapping up Tour I. Dan live's in Cedar Grove, hope all you can make it. Please email or call me if you can. Thanks...

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Point Leaders

  1. Ben - 470
  2. Dan - 320
  3. Dez & Scott - 180
  4. Tim & Nate - 160
  5. Chris - 120
  6. Dawn - 98
  7. Mark - 90
  8. Aaron - 80
  9. Scott H - 50
  10. Jamie - 25
  11. Karen - 11

There you have it... that's 1944 points that have been won since we started in April! After the Tour Stop V we should have well over 2000. Cool things man, cool things.

Tour Stop IV Results

With only 7 people playing the action was still good. We had some top players (top 2 leaders to be exact, I'll update them soon) not getting any hands worthy of playing, but yet he still kept his head high while he was handing out his chips. Ask the current point leader who might that have been..., here is a quote from him. To paint a picture for everybody we were in the discussions of talking about the next planned game: "Right now I lean towards no. Mostly because I'm not really in a poker mood after getting my butt kicked at Dan's. I might change my mind later, and if you still have room then cool. But right now I'm not in the mood for a game." Sorry, I couldn't resist putting that in there. If you want to delete/edit that, feel free. But after entering 2 tourney's and taking home the top prize each time, you're subject to a little poking. I'm done now..., so on to the game.

Like I said, since we only had 7 people playing we didn't have to increase the blinds too much so we took it slow allowing for a little more poker to be played. Which is always good when it's a game with one table. We played 2 rounds of rebuys and after that was the add-on; with 2 rebuys and another 1.5 in add-ons the pot was paying out the top 3.

After I was knocked out in third the top 2 were only 1500 in chips different so they decided to chop the winnings and call it a night at 10:30. Perfect time to head to Legend Larry's for some of his hot wings. Daaaaammmmmmnnnn, did they hit the spot!!! Here are the point winnings for the night:

1. Dawn - 98 points
1. Mark - 90 points
3. Tim - 30 points

Thanks to Dan for hosting, we all might have to show up more during the cold winter months when my garage will get too cold.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Game Scheduled

This game will be hosted by one of the previous winners, Dan H.

Start at 6 pm on Saturday the 17th. Same rules apply for the start of this tourney as with the previous two. We will begin the dealing at 6:00 pm sharp. We are limiting the field at 32 for this stop. So, obviously, the more the merrier.

The game looks like this:

35 minute rounds.
Blinds will start at:
Add-ons can be purchased again, but only at the conclusion of round 3. Round 3 will, also, mark the end of the rebuy period.
Blinds will begin to double after this point.

Just to change things up a little bit, we will have a final table of ten players.

A side note, I do have a dog, so those who may have allergies, should consider taking whatever meds will keep them in the game.

For information on exact location e-mail me at:

Monday, August 22, 2005

Saturday the 17th

Looks like we have the beginnings in place for a game Saturday the 17th of September in Cedar Grove. Post if you're interested in attending and we'll make sure you get updates on more concrete plans.

Results of the 8/19 Tourney

We chopped up the pot at 1:00 after the 4k/8k blinds before they went to 8k/16k.

1st - Ben, Scott, Dez 180 "points"
4th - Aaron - 80 points
5th - Tim - 30 points

Final Table:
6th: Mike
7th: Karen (she also got the 11 point bounty on Dan, the previous winner)
8th: Jamie

"If You Can’t Spot The Sucker In Your First Half Hour At The Table, Then You're IT!"